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Our Courses

This is the way we get you on Stage in Record Time

Our Courses are designed around very modern approaches to music teaching and are heavily based on developing your ear, music intuition, improvisation, stage performance skills and recording skills.   

Our Courses

Chouse your instrument and get on Stage! 

Lessons can be on the School (RockGP), online or in the Comfort of your Home. 


Sing your favorite POP and Rock Songs on Stage! 


Acoustic or Electric Guitar. 

Main focus on improvisation, solos and performing the contemporary music we all love 


Piano and Synths. Blues, Rock and POP music. 

Bass Guitar

Get a beautiful groove, so you can drive the crowd while on Stage! 

Melodies move the Soul but Bass moves the Body! 


Punch, pocket and Groove! Perform your favorite Rock and POP songs, On Stage of course! 

Improvise Drum solos! 

Music Production

Producing, recording, mixing and Mastering. 

Bring your musical vision to live!  

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