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Studio Services

On RockGP you have a full music production Studio


Need to have your song mixed? With us is fast and easy. 

Send us the tracks we send the mix.

Contact us for rates and conditions  


Need your mix mastered by a professional? 

Easy! Send us your mix and we send the Master. 

Contact us for rates and conditions


Are you producing a song and need some tracks professionally performed and recorded? 

Easy, send us a guide track, project BPM and some directions of the style you're going for. 

We can send professionally performed and recorded tracks:

Drums (Real drums Multitracked)

Bass guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Piano and Synths (Recorded by a professional Keyboardist using  KORG KRONOS)

Back Vocals (Female professional Singer)

Contact us for rates and conditions

Audio Editing

Getting your project ready for mixing? 

We can edit the audio: Clean up noise, Quantize, Fade ins and Fade outs

Contact us for rates and conditions

Vocal Tuning

Need some polish on your project's vocals? 

Lets our vocal teacher make it shine with Melodyne. 

Our Melodyne service sounds very natural and transparent. We don't alter the performance nuances by hard tuning every note. It's all about enhancing the original performance in the most natural way possible. 

Contact us for rates and conditions

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