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Antonio Duarte

Guitar and Music Production Teacher


Started guitar the traditional way, with friends at School but quickly realized the passion for music was bigger than playing some songs between classes. 

In his teens Antonio already had formed several bands with friends and the passion for live music was growing. 


Having private classes with some highly regarded guitar players gave him the ability to succeed both in originals and covers bands. 


Having decided he would make a living playing guitar, Antonio moved to Wales where he carried on his studies and worked to found the now amazing RockGP


Started teaching in 2005. Since then hundreds of students have enjoyed his passion for Rock Guitar and Live music. 


Antonio also has a career as a hired guitar player, music producer and Mixing Engineer. 

Some cover bands Antonio worked with are Rock K7 (Portuguese Rock tribute), Scream for Me (Iron Maiden tribute)

Some artists Antonio worked with: Rosinha, Emanuel 

Currently Antonio is the Musical director of the artist José Santos. 


As a producer/engineer Antonio works with Anya Karin and Luis Santos among others. 

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