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Cidália Teixeira

Vocals Teacher


She began her training in singing in the choir of the Sociedade Filarmónica Agrícola de Pinhal Novo, where she participated in several concerts.

Later, she was a student at RockGP in singing lessons for several years, starting later also in piano. She performed at several concerts for the RockGP school.

She was invited by teacher Ânia to record backvocals for her debut EP, also participating in concerts and presentations of the same.


Years later, she joined the Conservatorium of the Orquestra Nova de Guitarras in piano, voice, choir and later guitar. She played several concerts with the Escola Orchestra and the Nova de Guitarras Orchestra on various stages, even participating with other well-known bands and choirs. There were concerts where she was an integral part of the choir and others where he sang solo.

She had several acoustic projects as a vocalist. She is a member of the group Balha Ca Carroça as vocalist.


She took voice and vocal and physiological preparation classes with Bruno Oliveira, renowned Brazilian teacher and vocal coach, in 2019.

In addition to singing, piano and guitar, since 2019 she has been an integral member of the arty theater group where he performs, sings and dance in plays and musicals, such as Shakespeare's comedy musical "A Midsummer Night's Dream" adapted by Oscar Silva and in the latest musical "Cabaret Gato Preto" with stage and drama by Hugo Sovelas.

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